My Thoughts On The Le Marche Guardian Article

Le Marche in The Guardian

I thought that it would be appropriate for my first blog post to share and celebrate some recent UK press coverage that the Marche region received. Donald Strachan wrote an article in The Guardian at the end of March entitled, “how to do Le Marche on a budget”. The article can be seen here.

Tourism Promotion

I am always pleased to see some publicity for the area, as I feel that still the biggest barrier to developing tourism is that people just don’t know about Le Marche. The Marche Region’s previous focus on boosting tourism resulted in this interesting video featuring Dustin Hoffman. In Italian.

I suppose a picture speaks 1000 words! The point is, you have to know what words to type into Google in the first place if you’re going to find something, and in my experience Le Marche just isn’t on people’s radar. I feel pretty sure that if it was, people would like what they found, and perhaps this blog will give some more people the right words to punch in.

Article Highlights

Donald’s article touches on the most affordable delights of Urbino, Ancona, the Adriatic coastline and it’s beaches, the inland towns, and Ascoli Piceno. It’s a solid introduction to the region, but misses out on lots (and quite legitimately, as it does not claim to be a Marche guidebook, but a short feature article in a National newspaper). So, whilst I was pleased to see this article, I was left feeling that it has missed so much of the richness of my experience of Marche. I hope that over time, this blog will be able to fill in some of the gaps and add some colour and detail to the picture. I definitely do not pretend to be an expert on Le Marche, but just wanted to create a place where I can share my experiences of the area and also provide a space for you to share yours.

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