Quad biking around Le Marche

Quad biking in Le Marche

I fancied a change of pace recently and so arranged a quad biking trip with Moreno Moretti of lemarcheholiday.net. We were a group of four adults and we decided to share two quad bikes for our excursion. We met up with Moreno at Caffe Flory in Comunanza for a quick espresso. Then we followed him around the road to a garage that hires out the quad bikes. We gave in our driving licences to be copied for the insurance and got suited up! Before we knew it, we were on the bikes having a little practice around the car park, and after a few minutes we headed out onto the road and into town! We drove towards Amandola for a short while and then drove onto the quieter roads.


After a short period of time we stopped to admire the view as the sun came out. Then on we went zigzagging around these roads seeing the area in a completely different way to normal. We then went really off road! We were driving along the edge of a steep cliff with a river below. Before we knew it, we came to a really muddy bit of track. Moreno went in first and called our first quad in to follow. We did anne we very quickly got stuck in the mud! Moreno jumped onto our quad and attempted to get us out but with no luck. Within a minute he was on the phone to the garage and they sent out the boss on the super-quad to come to our rescue. We were only waiting a short while – just enough to realise we were standing very close to a loose horse. He turned out to be friendly!


The boss arrived and towed our quad out of the mud and then we went in convoy for a short time. The boss turned out to be crazy! He was obviously a very experienced quad driver and showed no fear! He was happy to get our quads down steep, muddy and narrow tracks on two wheels while we stood watching before hopping back on and carrying on. We drove to Amandola, waved to the passing Polizia before cutting across to Montefortino. The views were astonishing! Before we knew it we were back in Comunanza at the end of our trip. We all really enjoyed ourselves and found Moreno to be an excellent guide. We would definitely do this trip again!